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Fire Suppression Systems • Fire Extinguishers

Annually, there are over 8,000 fires in restaurants and bars, resulting in over $245 million in property damage. The majority of these fires are caused by equipment used during the cooking of food.

The push to lower fat in our food has resulted in increased use of vegetable oil for cooking. While healthier, vegetable oil burns at a higher temperature, making ‘grease’ fires harder to extinguish.

As a result, kitchen fire protection systems have evolved to using a ‘wet chemical’ system, as recommended by the UL 300 compliance guide for modern kitchens. The wet chemical system has the advantage of not only smothering the fire but also cooling the area to keep the fire from reigniting.

The Greater Good Fire & Safety has the expertise needed to design, install, and maintain the most effective and efficient system for your restaurant, bar, food truck, body shop, or any other business that requires a fire suppression system or equipment

Restaurant & Industrial Fire Suppression Systems

We’ll consult with you to determine your needs. Then, we’ll offer an affordable and effective system designed specifically to keep your business and your employees safe in the event that you have a fire under your hood.

Restaurant & Industrial Fire Suppression System Inspections

As is the case with all fire protection products, your fire suppression system must be maintained in tip-top share in order to be effective. In fact, state law requires that your fire suppression system is inspected semi-annually.

The Greater Good Fire & Safety sells, inspects, and services a wide variety of pre-engineered kitchen fire suppression systems.

Fire suppression systems have stringent code requirements, and we can help you make sure your business is in compliance with local requirements. Our trained, certified technicians will come to your location to provide you with the best in service and support.

We are qualified and licensed to service your suppression system anywhere in Iowa. We understand how important your system is to your business and we can inspect and service any system you might have

Restaurant & Industrial Fire Extinguishers

After your fire suppression system, the safety of your business starts with your fire extinguishers and making sure they are inspected, tested, and refilled, by a qualified, licensed, experienced company when ncessary.

Whether it’s for fire protection in your restaurant, bar, food truck, apartment building, or any business, industry, or commercial space, a fire extinguisher has to work the first time…every time.

What you need to know about fire extinguisher inspections

A fire extinguisher inspection seems like a simple thing, and the inspection itself doesn’t take long, but not getting it done on a regular basis by a licensed, experienced, professional company can be very expensive. Here’s why:

It’s legally required
In most municipalities and counties in Iowa, all fire suppression equipment, especially fire extinguishers, need to be inspected and certified every year. If you don’t, you’re subject to fines. If the fines build up and nothing is done, the fire marshal can shut down your business.

There are insurance requirements
All commercial insurance includes a provision for fire suppression equipment. If those requirements, including inspections, are not met, it can void your insurance policy. If you’ve had a fire and a fire extinguisher didn’t work, the insurance company will check to see if you had it inspected. If you didn’t, your entire insurance payout might be forfeit.

You have a safety obligation
If you own a business, whether it’s just a few people or a huge arena, a retail store, or an apartment building, there are lives at stake based on your decisions regarding your fire suppression equipment. No one needs the burden of guilt that goes along with cutting corners that sacrifices lives.

Every year, billions of dollars in property damage and tens of thousands of lives are saved because someone was able to put out a fire with a fire extinguisher before it spread. Make sure your fire extinguishers are ready to handle an emergency. Call The Greater Good Fire & Safety for your consultation or inspection at 515-985-5405 today.

Exclusive Software

Have you ever received a “surprise” bill because you didn’t know it was time for your fire extinguishers to be serviced and not just inspected?

That will never happen again with The Greater Good Fire & Safety’s exclusive software that not only protects you but also makes the Fire Department’s job easier. Here’s how it works:

When the Fire Department arrives for an inspection, you’ll simply take them to the monitoring label located next to your fire extinguisher or fire alarm pull station (see photo).

On the monitoring label is a QR code and password that the Fire Department can scan and enter. Instantly, they will have access to information about every fire extinguisher on your premises (of course, as the business owner, you’ll have access to this information at any time, too).

Accessible details include the location of every fire extinguisher, the date it was manufactured, when it had its last hydro test, when the next hydro test is due…and more, including photographs showing the placement and condition of each extinguisher at the time of the last inspection.

Especially valuable in larger facilities, this exclusive service from The Greater Good Fire & Safety is a real time and money saver for businesses of any size.

For more information, call us at 515-985-5405 today.

The company you can count on…and trust

For fire suppression systems and fire extinguisher sales, inspections, and maintenance in Iowa, the Greater Good Fire & Safety is your clear choice.

We are licensed and certified, and we’re experienced and professional. Call us today at 515-985-5405 for your consultation or inspection.